About Me

Hi Everyone…

Thanks for stopping here!

My name is Jagriti Saini…

While being occupied with my career and scientific research for several years, probably I forgot to cherish the real happiness of my soul. But slowly, the passion for writing ignited a fire somewhere inside and my soul, my emotions, and the divine feelings started taking shape of poetry.

Even today, I feel like I know nothing about writing but there is someone else inside who is crazy about it. Probably, it happens all because of the supreme connection of the soul to the supreme power that leads our path at every next step.

I believe that no words, no language can express the beauty of supreme connections and immense love that one can feel towards God. But once you start realizing the presence of that supreme creator; every moment, every action, every thing around becomes a part of celebration… That I call “Soul-Fiesta”. Once you start feeling the divine love within your soul, it makes the entire life full of joy, happiness, contentment, and peace.

This blog is just a reflection of some emotions, motivations and truth of life. Some of you may call it fiction, some may feel these emotions within and many others may relate them to their surroundings… It is not just about individual sentiments and statements, you will also find connection to the social aspects that link to humanity and the missing responsibilities.

The blog will also have some guest posts from other writers who love to express their love, pain, emotions and feelings through rhythms and words. Other than this, you will also find some motivational quotes that could give you hope and inspiration in the hour of difficulty.

Beyond all… We are all here to “celebrate the soul”… and poetic expressions are probably the best way to cherish the divine beauty.